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Gracious Speech

How Porn Addiction Affected a Marriage

My friend Liz was having problems with her husband. He was very distant and cold toward her. This was very out of character for him as he had always been a loving husband, lover and father. Time after time, Liz asked him what the problem, and finally he broke down and told her that he had an addiction to porn and because of all the the free porn on the internet, he was having a hard time breaking this addiction. Of course my friend was upset, and worried about her marriage. They sought counseling, and are slowly rebuilding their relationship and he is working on controlling the need and desire to look at porn. I can’t say that their problems are over, but they are working in the right direction.

New Year, New Fun

This year I brought in the new year with a bang. I had Liverpool escorts at my party, male dancers and an overabundance of friends. My house was completely packed and full of laughing and cheering. I have never thrown a bash at my house before, so this was definitely quite the experience. Everyone was very loud, rambunctious, and full of life. At first it was all overwhelming but after the first hour, everyone seemed to come together and have the time of our lives. After a night like that, I plan to celebrate New Years every year at my house. It is a great way to have a good time with friends and bring a fresh start into my life. There is nobody else I would rather do it with, than with a bunch of happy, trusting friends that I care for.

Everything Seems Brighter

Living in Manchester has never really been an issue for me. The only downside to any place is living there all your life and feeling like you can’t get out. The past few months before I discovered Manchester escort agency were drawn-out and very boring. I think it was a few weeks ago that I was sitting around my apartment rattling my brain with what to do when I made the crazy decision to rent an escort for the night. I don’t have a significant other, so i figured it would be okay. That night I saw a whole different side of Manchester. The street lights were brighter, I noticed all the bars and clubs ringing music as I walked by and most of all I took in every move my escort took. She was fantastic, she helped me have the time of my life and gave me the refreshed feeling I’ve been looking for for years.

Verbal Seduction

I don’t know what was it about her voice, but Alexis knew exactly how to drive me wild. We were talking on the phone for a few days, and everything started innocent enough. I was single and looking for attention, so I sent her request on MySpace. I guess my pictures did it for her, because she couldn’t stop talking about my lips. She was an older woman, but from the pictures I saw her body was incredible and I wild thoughts about what I would do to her would always enter my mind. One day our phone conversation was getting pretty intense, but she had this rule about not having fuck buddy phone sex. I decided to push my luck and one thing led to another till I had her breaking all her rules. It turns out she was just testing me to see if I knew how to take control.